Welcome to TryLogic!

TryLogic is an online tool to test propositional logic formulas. It's inspired by TryHaskell and TryRuby

Yes, you can contribute to the project. Just go to the GitHub page.


VerumT, 1T
FalsumF, 0
Propositionp, q ... zp
Negation¬!, ~, not¬p
Implication->, if(p→q)
Double Implication<->, iif(p↔q)
Conjunction&, ^, and(p∧q)
Disjunctionv, |, or(p∨q)


tt (or none)Truth Tablep, tt p
tautology?Yes or Notautology? p
contradiction?Yes or Nocontradiction? p
consistent?Yes or Noconsistent? p
compatible?Yes or Nocompatible? p q
consequence?Yes or Noconsequence? (p→q) p q